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Comprehensive Training in The Sensation Method in Homoeopathy (6-month Clinical and Practical Training Program) From 9th July 2024 to 21st December 2024

Most effective training program to tailor your learning, prove your ability, and deliver the best as a Homoeopath! Start your career with a view from the top!

The objective of the Master’s Course in Homoeopathy is to create confident, and successful homoeopaths, healers in totality – i.e. they are compassionate human beings, true to themselves, to their patients, and to the profession. This comprehensive training is imparted through a step-by-step process that enables participants to learn the practical application of the classical principles of homoeopathy, and gradually leads to an in-depth understanding of the sensation method in homeopathy.

This is intricately woven in with discussions and brainstorming where the students are able to recognize their own hidden qualities and, in the process, transform themselves into better homoeopaths and human beings. During each session, not only will participants learn the intricacies of advanced homeopathic practice, but also get insight into their innermost qualities and predispositions.

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Mrs Avni 93236 21096

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Master Course

Dindigul, Kerala, Mumbai, Other Countries, Pune

Course Content

Course syllabus focuses on –

Learning the practical application of the Basics and Classical principles of homoeopathy

How to study the Materia medica

Repertorization and techniques to use different repertories in detail

Old miasms and theory of new miasms

Practical and Clinical Application of Principles of Organon

Lectures on management of acute conditions with homoeopathy– fever, respiratory system, nervous system, GI system, skin, rheumatic complaints, gynecological  complaints, pediatrics, etc

Starting from simple case-taking to advanced case-taking techniques such as reaching to source level, case-taking in pediatrics; and approach to pathological cases and acute cases  Lectures on how to manage follow-ups and posology in various situations encountered during clinical practice.

  • In-depth learning of sensation method & advancement in sensation method– Vital sensation, level of experience, differentiation of kingdoms, newer miasms, introduction to superclass concept and introduction of each superclasses with practical application of it through video cases.

In-depth study of the plant kingdom with learning of plant subclasses & plant families under each subclass, such as – Solanaceae, Ranunculaceae, Loganiaceae, Rubiaceae, Rutaceae, Labiatae, Malvales, Cactaceae, Scrophulariaceae, Violales, Berberidaceae, Crucifereae, Compositae, Anacardiaceae, Papavaraceae, Piperaceae, Hammemalidae, Euphorbiaceae, Carnivorous, etc

In-depth study of the animal kingdom with learning of animal  groups with classification, such as – Mammals, Reptiles, Insects, Spiders, Mollusks, Birds, etc

In-depth study of the mineral kingdom with an understanding of the rows and columns – row 1, row 2, row 3, row 4, row 5, row 6, rare mineral remedies, study of salts, and study of noble gases

After all kingdoms understanding is done, lecture on each superclass with illustrative cases for deeper understanding.

  • Live case sessions with Dr Rajan Sankaran and senior faculty at the academy.
  • Lectures on various topics delivered by experienced faculty with the help of video cases, including online lectures from international
  • Mentoring sessions where the group is split into smaller units and a mentor is assigned, based on a common understanding of these units. A mentor who will guide them through the course, with all their difficulties, have more in-person discussions and get into finer nuances of understanding various concepts learned during the course.
  • Regular case-solving
  • Test for students at the end of every month to assess their
  • Video case sessions for extra
  • Clinical sessions once a
  • Motivational lectures – how to build up good doctor – patient relationship, and how to set up your practice, and more practical tips to help students set up their practice.
  • Lectures on – diet, diagnosis and clinical examinations in pediatrics, orthopedics, and dermatology.
  • The 6-month course will be followed by a 6 month program in which once a month live webinar with a faculty to help students solve their difficulties and once a month case solving session.
  • The Journey Within workshop – This is a 3-day program at a beautiful scenic natural In this program, students undergo the processes of self-awareness which give a boost to their learning. This program includes a set of processes where the deepest sensitivities will be tapped using different processes like doodling, painting, pictures, walking in nature, drumming, childhood crises, and meditation to rediscover one’s inner self, nourished by whole-food-plant-based delicacies. The workshop will be a combination of activities that will lead to tapping the deepest conflicts, awareness, and healing to a large extent.
  • One of the distinguishing features of the program is ‘Supervisory Case Taking’. Here students are encouraged to role-play doctor and patient, wherein their case-taking abilities are examined and guided by the senior practitioners. This activity enables students to identify their common errors, become more alert, sharpen their skills, and augment their confidence in Homeopathic case-taking.


Interns & Beginner practitioners or ex-students of the Basic/Advanced Courses in the Sensation Method.

Additional benefits:

Participants of the master course will also receive a free version of the  Foundation Edition of  SYNERGY HOMEOPATHIC SOFTWARE with Reliable Repertory, Vital Quest Module and Dr Rajan Sankaran’s book bundle. (WORTH- Rs 35000)

Participants will also receive free life time access to The Sankaran Masterclass by H.O.P.E (WORTH- Rs 48000)

Venue for the course – LIVE AT:

Other Song Homeopathic Academy LLP.

1002, Peninsula Heights, C. D. Burfiwala Marg, Juhu Lane, Andheri (W), Mumbai- 400058 (Maharashtra), India

Mrs. Avni Nagori: +91 93236 21096, Dr Padmakar Anpat: +918793005502


PUNE : PRANA – Homoeopathy Yoga Centre. Dr Padmakar Anpat: +918793005502


Dr Smitha’s MIHMS, Chalappuram, Kozhikode, KERALA.               Dr   Smitha Raghunandanan: +919895251533


Rxdx whitefield, Bangalore

Dr Aradhna Chitra: +919341251421


Homeo Academe, c/o Dr Charuvahan BHMS, Tamilarasi Illam, M- 1176/138, 12th cross, R M colony, Dindigul-624001, Tamilnadu.

Dr Charuvahan- 9843872267


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