About Us

About the academy

The other song academy stands for providing high quality education to homeopathic students and practitioners. Through courses, both online and offline. Delivered by faculty rich in clinical experience and teaching over several years.

In doing so, it serves our purpose of creating some of the finest homeopaths globally, who are able to treat range of illnesses in practise. Thereby elevating the faith and confidence in the system, and which helps in elevating the status of homeopathy globally.

World-renowned senior doctors and homoeopathic consultants from around the globe, along with the pioneer of the Sensation Method, Dr. Rajan Sankaran, work together to make the academy a hub for homoeopathic for homeopathic education.

The courses are centred on practical application of the classical principles as is formally taught in the undergraduate and post graduate programs. These include the foundation and basic programs, especially meant for students and fresh graduates. And as one gets a firm grip on the basics of homeopathy, there are programs which teach the new advances, especially the Sensation method in homoeopathy. Besides this there are variety of courses and seminars offered to help a homeopath manage various conditions as encountered in practise. Such as paediatrics, acute conditions, oncology, etc. Several teachers around the globe are doing fantastic work, not just in the subject of the sensation method, but other approaches. These advances when learnt well, prove to be very helpful in our practises. The academy organises seminars by such leading innovators regularly, providing an opportunity to have to expand our window of knowledge. Covid pandemic opened up many possibilities for the academy, and brought into the light the strength of a synergistic approach in organizing the courses. Hence the other song academy, now works in partnership with HOPE (Homeopathy Online Portal for Education), and supported by the sister concern Prana: World’s first homeopathy and yoga centre, situated in Pune, Synergy homeopathic softwares (SHS) and Homoeopathic Medical Publishers (HMP).



  • Holistic health solutions supporting the overall well-being of patients who opt for homeopathy as the first line of treatment


  • Quality education offered to both students and practitioners of homeopathy, under the expertise and tutelage of senior homeopaths.
  • Enables participants to monitor every aspect of homeopathic practice, starting from diagnosis to follow-up.
  • Advanced clinical research and documentation.


  • Elevating the art of healing to a level of excellence with quality training and continuing education for homeopaths around the world.

Objectives of the academy

Our objectives at the academy are to:

  • Facilitate the building of good quality homoeopaths through a facility supported by highly experienced senior doctors (online and offline)
  • Demonstrate the art of practical application of the classical and fundamentals of homeopathy
  • Demonstrate the art of integrating classical approaches in homoeopathy with the newer approaches, such as the Sensation Method and Synergy
  • Demonstrate the art of case taking and understanding the core disturbance within every patient
  • Enhance one’s skills in penetrating into every case and appreciate the disease that needs to be treated
  • Exposure to the latest advancements in homoeopathic practice
  • Inculcate the belief into every homoeopath that homoeopathy works on easily comprehensible principles

Salient Features


the other song aids towards preparing the best of future homoeopaths through a facility supported by highly experienced senior doctors.


Building the belief in future homeopathsof the fact that Homeopathy works on simple and comprehensible principles.


Better understanding of patient history and identifying the core disturbance within every patient while diagnosing the disease of immediate treatment.


Exposure to the latest advancements in the practice of homeopathy.


Inculcates the integration of classical Homeopathic approaches with the newer approaches, such as the combination of Sensation Method with the Synergy method.

World famous and eminent homeopaths like Jan Scholten, Jeremy Sherr and Jonathan Hardy have visited and taught students at the other song – International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy