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Maharashtra University of Health Sciences has created CCAH [CERTIFICATE COURSE IN ADVANCED HOMEOPATHY] and FCAH [FELLOWSHIP COURSE IN ADVANCED HOMEOPATHY] considering the special needs  of  the Homoeopathic System  of Medicine and demand of the time. The busy practitioner who wants to enhance her/his skills as per the latest advances in the Homoeopathic System of Medicine is kept at the centre. The courses are designed in such a way that the practitioner continues to practice while developing further his expertise.

Through CCAH, fresh Graduates of Homoeopathy will also be enriched by wisdom from the best practitioners/teachers/researchers from all over the world.

Earlier MD(Hom) only were eligible for FCAH. Now Senior practitioners with more than 10 years of practice as well as those who have already done CCAH are eligible for FCAH.   Postgraduates &  Sr. Graduates of Homoeopathy will be enriched by wisdom from the best practitioners/teachers/researchers from all over the world through  FCAH.

CCAH  &  FCAH  qualification can legally be displayed on your visiting card / display board.

T2010 by Dr. Rajan Sankaran and a group of dedicated homoeopaths from around the world, all practitioners and teachers of the Sensation Method, all eager for better results through understanding patients in depth. The core group of WISH comprises homoeopaths from India, Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, Japan, Canada and USA, many of whom, having been associated with Sensation Homoeopathy since its inception, are highly skilled in this method. Many of the WISH members are also internationally renowned teachers of Homoeopathy. WISH is thus a worldwide, non-profit collaboration of committed homeopaths that have practiced, contributed to, and taught the Sensation Method worldwide.

The purpose of WISH is to promote the highest possible standard of Sensation Homoeopathy, as regards its development, practice and teaching, all this keeping in mind the greater good of the profession and public. Pooling resources and data, systematising teaching, organising seminars, exchanging information and promoting interaction amongst its members all fall within the purview of WISH. Thus, this group has tremendous potential in contributing to the progress of Homoeopathy.

The WISH team has now lent its whole-hearted support to the other song: International Academy for Advanced Homoeopathy. WISH teachers are also faculty members at the academy at the other song, and panel members at he World Institute for Sensation Homoeopathy (WISH) was founded in Munich in clinical discussions. The academy in turn supports the purpose and the organization of WISH and offers to host the annual meetings of members.

One of the WISH conferences was held at the other song in Mumbai from 5th -11th January 2012. Thirty four international members flew down to join twelve of their Indian counterparts to pool in their clinical and teaching experiences and skills. Following this meeting was a two day seminar, WISH for Children, held on 7th and 8th January 2012, was open to all practitioners of the Sensation Method. WISH teachers shared cases and techniques with regard to pediatric patients at this seminar. This will be followed by the WISH for Children congress between October 12th and 14th in Freiburg,  Germany. The second plenary meeting amongst WISH members was also held at the other song in November 2013.

Dr. Jürgen Hansel, the president of WISH, had to say the following after his visit to the other song in January 2012:

…I am really stunned by this new institute, the academy, the clinic…the other song, which is really amazing centre for Homoeopathy. For a week we had intensive teaching and cases with the senior homoeopaths being broadcasted, seminar rooms and with all the colleagues who came here, and it’s been also a good group experience with all the doctors from the other song. I feel it’s a really good team and it’s a really good atmosphere with everybody sort of helping each other. I am certainly looking forward to come back here and to have more of the other song in this way, and as President of WISH I am really grateful to be a part of the other song.

‘the other song’ – International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy, in association with Prana – the world’s first homoeopathy yoga centre organized a two-Day seminar with Dr Rajan Sankaran ‘From Sensation to Synergy; on Jan 10-11, 2015. This 2 day seminar marked the beginning of future teaching and training courses at Prana by the other song team, making Prana the next chapter in advanced homoeopathic training.

‘the other song’ has joined hands with ‘Prana’ to fulfill their common aim of providing premium homeopathic education and clinical training to students and practitioners. “With this synergistic combination, we hope that we are able to reach across to students world over to provide the best possible training to homoeopaths enabling them to become excellent practitioners, enriching the level of Homoeopathic care and taking it higher,” says Dr Meghna Shah, Dean, the other Song.

Prana – The world’s first Homoeopathy Yoga Centre, located in Pune, brings together two specialized and complementary sciences that ensure holism in our understanding and journey towards true health. Both Homoeopathy and Yoga believe in an all pervasive energy, which maintains us in a living healthy state. It is called Prana in yogic terms. Prana is the fundamental energy that flows continuously connecting and communicating with every single cell in our body thus keeping us alive and healthy. Prana is vitality. Prana is the healer within each one of us.

The Prana centre in Pune is an 8000 square feet state-of-the-art facility housing several homoeopathy consulting rooms, pharmacy, library, yoga halls, therapy hall and an auditorium. The expansive setting and the panoramic view of the centre creates an ambience conducive for health and harmony. A team of twelve specialized homoeopathic doctors and a team of yoga teachers led by Yogacharya BKS Iyengar’s disciple Mr Amit Pawar work in harmony towards ensuring the total well-being of individuals through safe and secure method of holistic healthcare. Mr. Rajiv Bajaj, MD, Bajaj Auto and the chief promoter of Prana has put in zealous efforts in the academy for the promotion for the promotion of Homoeopathic science and its training.

Healing, education and research are the three objectives of Prana. Apart from holistic treatment to patients, Prana is engaged in imparting specialized knowledge to homoeopaths and students and in pioneering research – exploring the benefits of combining these two streams of knowledge.

With Homoeopathy fast becoming the first line of treatment opted by many patients, the need for good quality homoeopaths, is on the rise. This is possible only when the formal education of every homoeopath is complemented by clinical training under the expertise and apprenticeship of experienced homoeopaths. The other song – International Academy is one of its kind training centre for homoeopaths, be it novices or veterans. The team of highly world renowned homoeopaths, provides hands on clinical training by the means of live case study which grooms the homoeopath in the latest homoeopathic methodologies.

Homeopathic Research and Charities, a charitable trust formed in 1991, is a well-known name among Homeopaths in India and abroad. Known as HRC, its member trustees and second generation teachers are without a doubt some of the finest in the world and have contributed significantly to the development of Homeopathy globally. The HRC teachers have a specific and very systematic method outlined for education and HRC has followers all over the world thanks to the pioneering work of the teachers led by Dr. Rajan Sankaran.

WISH is a worldwide, not for profit collaboration of Homeopaths who practice the Sensation method of Homeopathy. The core group of members represent Homeopaths from all over the world. During many years this system of Homeopathy has been very successful and become increasingly popular with both practitioners and patients which has given rise to the need to clarify the theory and practice of the Sensation method.

To this end WISH was formed to provide a forum of communication and education, thus ensuring that standards are maintained, whilst allowing development in the future to serve better the needs of practitioners and patients.

The core activity of WISH is international homeopathy congresses. In the past, the focus was mostly on clinical topics. The congresses offer space for exchange, growth and further development of the method.

Due to the global pandemic, the congress activity was transferred to an online format in May 2021. Since then, the online conferences “ONE WISH” have enjoyed great popularity.

On the WISH website you will find congress reviews, an international event calendar, as well as current information about homeopathy.


Situated in the midst of majestic mountains on the banks of lake Pawna in Lonavala where nature, stillness and freshness work their magic, Sampoornam (meaning: all encompassing, complete, whole) offers itself as a holistic healing centre. Come and experience through unique processes called WISE (Witnessing the Inner Song Experience) that stress is not outside, but inside you, arising from your own individual inner pattern. These processes, devised by us after three decades of research, take you towards an awareness of your pattern, along with complimentary processes like music, meditation, whole plant – based diet, yoga, nature walks, spiritual orientation and sharing. All of these together synergistically work on the body, mind and spirit to embark you on a journey to health, happiness and harmony. Sampoornam is an initiative of a charitable trust Homoeopathic Research and Charities.


The Synergy Homeopathic Story

Previously known as Kent Homeopathic, Synergy was founded in 1986 by David Warkentin, who was passionate about homeopathy. David had a vision to distill the complex process of homeopathic case analysis into an intuitive program that would expand the knowledge base and curative abilities of homeopaths everywhere. MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks are the two iconic programs that came out of this effort and they have been indispensable and powerful tools for case analysis and effective prescription for the last 30+ years.

Most recently, Synergy has taken this innovation further by launching Synergy Homeopathic Software which is a transformation of the old programs into a state-of-the-art software that is several potencies higher.

Our patron, Dr. Rajan Sankaran leads a company committed to developing the best homeopathic software tools of the future. Synergy’s goal to advance homeopathy is always at the heart of what we do, and Synergy Homeopathic Software will allow us to reach greater heights as we keep pace with new technology and the latest homeopathic developments.


Homeopathic Medical Publishers (HMP) is a reputed homeopathic books Publishing & Distribution House in India, and we are sole selling Publishers & Distributors of Homeopathic Books authored by Dr. Rajan Sankaran, M.D. (Hom.), which have a large readership and following amongst homeopathy students, professional homeopaths, doctors, homeopathic communities and groups, in India and abroad.

Dr. Rajan Sankaran, is an internationally renowned thinker, teacher, scholar and writer of the Homoeopathic system of medicine.  He is the illustrious son of the well-known Homeopathic Teacher, Dr. P. Sankaran. He lives and practices in Juhu area of Mumbai, India.

Dr. Rajan Sankaran, has authored several books in homoeopathy based on his proven and time-tested remedies in homoeopathy. These books have been well read world over and the methods and systems taught in these books are being followed and practiced by leading homoeopathic doctors and professionals and aspiring students of homoeopathy, in India and worldwide.  Some of his books are also part of the course curriculum / syllabus of the homeopathy medical colleges in India.  Dr. Sankaran, is also a pioneer of Online Seminars, Webinars, Practical and Online training programs in homoeopathy, for academic students of homoeopathy, doctors, professional homoeopaths, and also offering post-graduation courses in advanced homoeopathy and Online consultancy in the field of homoeopathy, through his team of highly trained doctors and professional homoeopaths.


All books of Dr Rajan Sankaran are available on our website: www.onlinehmp.comwww.rajansankaran.com