Dr Shrikant talari

Dr Shrikant talari

Dr Shrikant Talari has graduated from Dhondumama Homoeopathic medical college, Pune in 2008. He has been practising Classical Homoeopathy for 14 years.

He started with a charitable OPD in LONAVALA where he saw a lot of acute cases. He started with his private practice simultaneously in 2008.

At present, he is responsible for the cancer care clinic at Prana. Prana is the world’s first Homoeopathy yoga centre with world class infrastructure. Prana has various multi-speciality OPD’s.

Dr Shrikant has been active academically too. He regularly teaches in online webinars nationally and internationally. Offline courses at Prana too are organised by our team at Prana.

Role and responsibility at TOS academy

At present Prana’s academic wing has collaborated with TOS, HOPE and Synergy. Dr.Shrikant is responsible for course planning, content design etc.